Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eye on Malaysia...

Never thought i wud ride this....not in an insulting way....but just nvr crossed my mind...

^The eye on malaysia...

^Cousin and i

^if you look can see a rainbow!

^entrance....forgot to take the ticket booths...the booths were cabins itself!!

^view from bottom of the eye..

^KL skyview....


^Lake titiwangsa...

the cabin..

^camwhore again...:P

^ignore the cousin...enjoy the view...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reasons why i did not study hospitality....

1) Long Hours....

2) The guys in that course are retarded, mental, weird...or watever u call it...

I mean seriously....

Being in my last semester, i have no choice but to take my Moral LAN( Local Area Network Lembaga Akta Nasional) subject....The business moral class was clashing with other subjects so i had to sign up for other the schools' classes.

I happened to choose Hospitality..cuz it suits my schedule...when i went in the was quite awkward cuz i was the only transfer student from other schools..but when more n more ppl came in...i tot i was in heaven!!! chickas ler!!! better than business hands down.

The only thing i don't like about the class is that....the guys are more childish than me and eugene combined...a bit retarded....lame... anything u call serious!!! oh man...embarassment to guys wei hospitality guys...

I seriously wonder why there is such a vast difference in character in different schools....can u tell a person's character depending on their schools?? oh well.. i think so...:p

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on a different note.....ima like so inlove with this shoe that ima gonna get it once i save enuff....if any of you suckers who read my blog wear gonna so kick ur cahonees...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

( Product ) RED


Friday, September 14, 2007

ima girl!!!

i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
ima wearing a muscle t
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
and short shorts
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
if u gave me heels and a bling bag
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
and a sunglass
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
id be like
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):
i E m o 林 says (10:24 PM):

Sammiepls says (10:24 PM):
i E m o 林 says (10:25 PM):
Sammiepls says (10:25 PM):
dont forget to load up on makeup and stuff
Sammiepls says (10:25 PM):
Sammiepls says (10:25 PM):
and and earings
i E m o 林 says (10:25 PM):
Sammiepls says (10:25 PM):
and and her bracelet
Sammiepls says (10:25 PM):
i E m o 林 says (10:25 PM):
her bling!

college girl

bryan has a crush....

omg...its primary skewl all over again...

wat i hate about crushes is that u dun dare to act..

when u tell urself everytime to smile...u end up looking retarded....

and that she will forever be eye candy....

crushes suck....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Oh Ba na na
My Ba na na yeah
You are the fruitness in me

You know the fruits i love to eat
Make you listen? There's a reason.

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little apple or a big gigantic melon

Your passion fruit to the mangosteen
It's making me oh so thirsty

A single pear (Single pear)
Just tastes so fair

And like a rambutan
Hmm, you're peeling me

When I eat my favorite fruit
I know that we belong
Oh, you are the fruitness in me

Yeah it's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
Because you are the fruitness in me

Oh Ba na na (Ohh)
My Ba na na yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
You are the music in me

adapted from(hsm - you are the music in me)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


like omg...while i was imdb-ing jay chou....i came across a very familiar title...something quite shock-ening to be seen in imdb.... Slam Dunk...

I thought it was some kinda stupid show with a simmilar title as slam dunk is a move in basketball but....but....the writer of the movie is Takehiko Inoue... for those who dont know what im referring to, slam dunk is the legendary manga/anime of basketball... my fav anime after dragonball... i was such a big fan of the manga...too bad it stopped... the writer contemplated of making Slam Dunk two...but till news....but...a live action movie....omg omg...i wanna see no matter how bad...

i think i take back my words....i did a lil googling...and wtf....kung fu dunk...even tho based on slamdunk manga and anime...but kungfu....why la....sobz...still..i think i might check it out...


From kenny's website...Mamula Moon VS Negaraku??