Thursday, June 19, 2008

Singapore at last!

Well, it's about time i blogged about my trip to singapore but before that i wanna rant about starbucks....knnccb! i go there for wifi surfing but i couldn't access their internet cuz everyone was using...rawrrrrrr!!! probably using 1mbps only cheap buggers...

Okies...back to what the post is really about...

So i went to singapore on the 5th at 11 am boarding the First Coach bus. To my amazement, they installed an individual tv in each of everyone's headrest just a few mths before. It's cool la...cuz got a variety of shows. thing about this bus is that it stops at the same rest stops everytrip and dating back to a trip i made to Sgp not too long ago, i actually left a marking on one of the pondoks at the rest stop. I came back to find it was still! ok sorry i vandalised.

^If you look properly, you can see the initials BL

Well, another 5 hours since i left PJ, i finally arrived in Sgp. The first thing i did when i hit my cousin's crib was to leech his internet. Haha 8mpbs with dl's worth 300-500kbps shiokalingam i tell u.

Later that night, my cousins took me out to a hongkong char chan teng. Lousy. Expensive and not as good as Kim Gary or Wong Kok.

The following day, i hit orchard road to do a lil window shopping (expensive la orchard!!).

One of the reasons why i wanted to go there was to go to Far East plaza to eat fried mars bars. In last years' post on singapore, i mentioned about this place but it wasn't too detailed as my camera sucked. Now i got ixus k!!! Clearer pics!!! muahahahahaha

Oh did mention??? The Great Singapore Sale was yeah...take a look at the "Prada" queue.

Apparently the "Prada" cue got to long and it obstructed Gucci's entrance. So Gucci manager dulan go and scold Prada. Sigh. Viva La Singapore.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ze Melakas Tripz

So ok. It's time i returned to tidy this dusty closet so here i am updating this blog on my roadtrip to melaka. It's been years since i set foot in melaka and the strongest memory i have of it was on a big boat. Lawl. Forgive me for i still dunno what that boat is...:P.

The drive there was a killer. Never in my life have i drove outstation and such a distance. It's a first! It took about urm...2 hours plus plus?? Somewhere round that la. We kinda left in morning reaching there just in time for lunch. Yumm yumm!!! Chicken rice ball here we comeee!!!^Welcome to Melaka!



^4 Minutes to save the world

We were so hungry cuz we didn't have food in with us in the car thanks to someone *coughellecough* decided to finish the snacks a day before the trip with plans to replenish but eventually did not. :P. So as soon as i got the car parked, we hit jongker street and attacked the most impresive chicken rice ball shop. As soon as u walk in jongker street, (coming from the direction of the museum) it's the 1st restaurant or the 2nd... can't really remember..but the pictures should show you how it looks like!


^Char Siu

The food was good but the ball was okay only lah and plain rice would have been well for me too. While i was on a toilet break, i decided to explore the restaurant. I was amazed by how they restored and decorated the interior of this shop. Their selling point was not only the food but their interior too!

^Like a scene of a chinese movie

^Silhouette of a cartwheel

We hung around jongker street for awhile after lunch, looking around the 'gift' shops they had on the street. I managed to score a neck accessory (the word necklace to sissy laaa :P) while elle got a cup and a dream catcher for a friend. We went for tong sui later on but there are no pictures cuz it didn't look that presentable although the gula melaka there was orgasmic. I mean come on, it is after all melaka right?

We came across the orang utan house (Hello guatz!) and took some pictures. I didn't really like the shirts though. The design was nice but i didn't like the cutting and material used for the shirts.

^Elle!!! Familliar?

At around 3 we decided to head home. On the way back we got side tracked and went to the Crocodile Farm. Omg. The place changed so much! i mean. When i was a kid, that place was kinda exciting and all. Now it's a run down piece of crap with their, renovations and all going on. The only thing that caught my eye was the go kart track next door which i didn't know how to get to.

^Something disturbs me though...a rabbit in a reptile corner?

And so we decided to end the day there lor. Cuz i didn't really know my way around melaka and didn't know what or where would be interesting. And i dreaded the long journey back...well...not really lah. :P.

^Venom got you?


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Even the coke tastes better in Singapore.

Harrooo to anyone reading!!! Greetings from the land of the half fish half lion!!

I have been here for the past 2 days liao and this would be my 3rd. I didn't do much stuff yet as the reason i popped by S'pore was because of my cousin's wedding and the dinner which i would be attending in 1/2 hour.

So ill log off now as i need to get ready.

Ps: Marriage is such beautiful thing. One of the best things is looking at the groom. Looking at his expression and wondering what he is thinking. It's damn cute laaaa!!

Pps: Elle!! Let's get married!!